View From A Car Park no. 4 Graffiti In Berlin



Sixteen names were daubed thickly

Over and again, in the stairwell, going quickly

Back before ‘89

Before the fall (of man? Of wall?)

Tagged when tagging

Was only first starting

To look less like names,

A mess of claims;

Ownership on brick-dust

And chippings from the war.


The buildings here wear

Their insides-out,

Each year:

A ring.

In stencils,


Meticulously painted:

A face – ‘How Long Is Now?’


The tracks are much like other tracks

Here; London, Moscow – the in betweens,

And shadows even, of India

(I cannot help it).

But thorny briars cough their way


Up the side of the yellow skins

Glancing off of dancing men,

Bananas gripped in pointed fists,

Kisses on a sliding door

Still wet, and running

Up the arm of a man who holds

His pen like it is his birth-right.

And perhaps here,

In these past twenty years

It is.

About Benjamin Norris

Published writer of short stories, long stories, poems. Well received art critic and cultural commentator for Berlin magazines. Collaborator with operatic societies. Co-writer of fictional historic psycholinguistic journals. Lecturer of architecture and art history at a Budapest University. View all posts by Benjamin Norris

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