Monthly Archives: July 2009


Last night: visited again.

This time by two of them;

First, a pure-blood Magyar,

Black hair and corseted spine,

Mismatched eyes and lines

Of lace and ringed wood.


The second, pagan and nomadic,

Tattooed and haunted

Pipe smoke curling up thighs

Adorned with garter belts made

From pieces of woodland



The first promised light;

Bound wrists and quartz beads

Between breasts, my inspection

May pull me somewhere new

As warm, white hands might sweet away

The dust, the mists of my descent.


The second seemed to taste for harm;

Tiny scratches, horseback brass

Like little crucifixes and Ash trees,

Saplings lash and leave their prints,

“Make me a Punch for one night only

And let my lips touch soil.”


And these women raised the union flag

And writhed around my hands.

Tried to prick me into life

And collapsed, astonished and amazed

At their failure to raise a smile;

Astonished that I didn’t give a damn.

Venus Infers

The old man and his hat;

Battered from Harlem back to Camarthen

Gravy stains and camembert,

Man, he took some beating.

Stays away from statues

Nowadays, he slowly blinks

Ivy snagging drain-lids to

Catch the train back home.

Bells in china

Shattering eunuchs

Alabaster wristlocks

Stinking petals

Chop it off, boy

Join our troupe

We´ll dance with Sacher

To Andy´s Chest.