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The Execution of the

This is really the only worthwhile thing I have written all week, and I apologise for the lack of normal updates. However, I do think this is one of the best poems I have posted on this site. It feels… right. At the moment. Thanks to Rosie for cheering me up!

Exhaustion trips (as the old king claimed),


Sit treasons beneath tongues – the candles crack

At the base

Why take imperfection as a cue?

Don’t you want to rule in here? A second look

At the man with the hood,

And it was clear, the circle shuddered,



To watch it fall; an unneccesary action


At the thrip-crack, a view

Shivered into springtime. New air,

Washed clean

Under a dutiful sun, which cogged itself

Around, around again.

The congregation watched time,

As if it were a crown, as if

They always had


Hours after the ceasing,

A void in the crowd.

The void stretched outward,

Formed itself a shape.

The shape looked something like

Brick dust. Almost exactly


From this, tired men build palaces.

She Speaks Truth on Youtube

I hope she knows who she is.

It was in Romania, this much I know;

Lens flare took her

Stretched taut, cross-continental sprawl

Whipped by saline drifts, the marks

Bleaching delusions, old dreams –

A book on a bedside curls.

Take that ankh, and keep it set

Between a clavicle that struck five chords

                            – an interjection, quizzical –

Straight up to the viewer – leave a comment

If you will, I’ll make your tongue

Change shape.