Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tragic Trajectory

Stupid rhyme about the stupidly idle.

I couldn’t help but notice
How you found someone new –
I sit and wait, and tolerate
In ways you never asked me too.
The window frames still crackle
From volatile secretions, while
Behind your eyes,
We catergorise
Memories marked ’deletions’


one, two, onetwothreefour

Girls in beige trenchcoats
‘Mirror in the bathroom’
Metro reflection
Between Klinikak and Nepliget

Balancing nutmeg and black pepper
With hot milk and
Tea leaves –
Little futures found in porcelain

My past drops away
One second at a time
One second at a time
This is light speed travel.

All is rhythm
All are pleasing
ad infinitum
Suddenly, we are old.


Sickening clarity through cut-glass
Badly prescribed spectacular
Lead crystal displays sit with
Singing wet-finger-rims
This pentacostal morning

Daylight, not often enemy
But, sometimes
We leave behind a better view
Dust to dust, my stomach turns
With the barking of the birds

Eulogy to the Boy-Girl-Car Years

As with the death
Of each age,
The rattle comes
Amid fire, dust, whipping of women-
Confusion abounds

And we find ourselves
Cuffed in, coddling,
Fawning over
Inert boxes

Rubble and Ersatz
Booster seats, shot through
With shattered screens.

A Calling

In how we react
To the treatment of the weak
Signifies true nature.