consider: face

A poor excuse of a poem, in which to display a recent portrait.

A face is not architecture – from scenes, consider the profile
a means to divide me from not. Above mind, then skin.

I feel a division
Take the literal shape

the same significance with a limb
e.g, I am, or I am not.
An eye is coveted. Each gaze
is listed, somewhere. Registered. More than once

something limits what I can or can’t see. A very
specific reflection
creates a landscape I recognise. Elements
of both parents, and all my past lovers

congregate in the corners, the pull of
my mouth aches into expression. I am not this face.
Consider teeth.

About Benjamin Norris

Published writer of short stories, long stories, poems. Well received art critic and cultural commentator for Berlin magazines. Collaborator with operatic societies. Co-writer of fictional historic psycholinguistic journals. Lecturer of architecture and art history at a Budapest University. View all posts by Benjamin Norris

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