Monthly Archives: June 2011

still here no.3

a meeting in a park
coffee stains, innuendo.
A dog tags along
reminding you of past lives and

thirty seventh personality. I see him
him all smiles, a lip
meets another lip.
I’m still here.

meta more for cyst

Change occurs when old men lift their hats and
snow falling on snow stops looking like itself and
I feel my dirt is more in the dirt which reminded me that

change occurs when I am a road and you
are the rails – several men lie across your tracks,
sleepers, they call them.

I wake to find myself a shard
sticking out of apples, again,
a row of obvious symbolism

I wake and find myself all your postcards
and the less exciting attraction – the place
where you took that photo, only minus
the camera, and the flash, and you.

I am an abstraction of breathing.

I am all the lists crossed out, on
paintings of before. You write, and

change occurred this week, your voice
was not snow on snow. Your message
was only to tell me, now,
that I spend far more time dead than alive.

yesterday, madness returns

yesterday the same sun I wrote about before
bore another notch in the centre of a stone
and I found myself
halfway to fifty
scratching my pelvis
counting life lines
whilst outside my shoes, the grasses
reached their palest yet of this year
and a yellow bird split my sight
telling me to leave is the best thing I can do.


We are the made flesh
the essence
the encysted.

Time is eaten
by the time

illusion is cut glass;

shattering old hands
carrying older shames.