Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hothouse epilogue

When the glassdoor rusted behind
Insincerity became the standard.
We lived by all distrust, until robotically
We stretched out our new hearts of iron.
Our pets had grown to be compatible, automatic,
With men taking them out for months, some
Of them lost in a year of strange smiles
Whilst others scratched themselves and
Considered scaffolds on female thighs –
Their constructions would stay fast, lustre
Can be suspended, too. They trotted side
By stiffened side, trophying their atrophy.
And one at one point got away, even when
He whistled, her eyes only twitched and
Her skin responded almost organically –
We tied it down and opened her, she
Revealed her structure, a basic code:

. We thought we made a choice/there wasn’t a beginning
. We outgrew the house/We thought we made a