Connections, Friends and Recommendations


The shadowy, semi-mythical and mathematically unlikely scientific organisers of nebulous fiction, The Institute for the Interpretation of Abyssal Life.  Essentially a scientific journal designed with the intention to illuminate the spaces between the streets you saw in the seconds before your birth.




Cultural bites, biting culture, burning pages of false idol folklore and the plastic wallets that protect comics from being truly enjoyed. Ben Gwalchmai possesses an eye for relevence, as well as a nose for touching insanity. Follow his simple exploits, grandiose oaths, dramatic and poetical achievements here. Plus, he is a really nice chap.




Meet Richard Hall, one of the most astute and socially sensitive journalists I have ever had the good fortune to watch evicted from a call centre under charges of inciting strike action. Now working full time as International Editor to a leading Lebanese newspaper and finding great success in Beirut, his writings are aimed at prompting the exploration of social consciousness and conscience. Some of them are also quite funny.





Illuminations and experiments in automatic and impulsive writing, written by a gentleman and a scholar. 




Quite simply the finest creator of flash fiction currently on the internet. Critically acclaimed, endlessly surprising and a consistent source of astonishment and inspiration. Highly recommended.

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