Iconography Essays and Art Reviews

A View From A Car Park’s more serious twin, Iconoclashed, has been getting no traffic at all. As a result of this travesty, I have decided to add a solitary link through this page. If reader numbers do not rise to double figures within a week or two, I shall take the hint and abandon the exercise.

Iconoclashed is an exploration of iconography, contemporary and ancient art, and the pervading power of the consensus that links the colour red with good luck, the number three with eternity, and why it is best to avoid blue alcoholic drinks.

It can be read at will here http://iconoclashed.wordpress.com

One response to “Iconography Essays and Art Reviews

  • arjun bagga

    Your keen interest and association with Indian art and literature is fascinating.
    Honestly, I merely surfed few pages random and I’m intrigued.
    I’ll check out more of your writings this week.

    Warm Regards.

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