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Reverie 23.25


Please read aloud.

We are awkward carpentry
Strangers to standing alone
We involve against refraction

We are building with good intentions
From the queens to the red-haired dancers
We areĀ free-viewed class ceilings and
We shall eat ourselves

We are columns of meloncholy and anthro-apologies
We look into a void,
And yet somehow, we see.

We are a natural reserve
Breathing, mirroring all reflections
With empty test tubes

We are oscillations of string.

We are taught to dance in circles
To stretch to bitter contortions
And watch our limbs tangle

We are blind to synaptic response, a weight on lead sheets.

Distracted by taut skin on knee-cavities.
A scaffold, constructed algebraically.
Jokes in stasis.

We are a theory of madness,

Walking corridors. Turning keys.